Classic Massage


Hot Stone Massage

In 90 minutes a Hot Stone massage treatment will promote deep muscle and tissue relaxation, improve blood circulation and calm the psyche. Nothing beats a Hot Stone massage to ward off the winter chill, re-invigorate a tired body, increase your vitality and improve your mood.


Aroma Oil Massage

Lavender oil is perfect for treating insomnia. It is sedative and calming for the emotions and mind. It also helps to relieve chest congestion and muscular aches and pain. Restores energy and fosters overall well-being.


Chinese Massage

A soft eastern touch always goes a long way to ease migraine, headache, chronic neck and back pain, stress and tension - related problems.


Japanese Shiatsu Massage

Aims to assist the body to recover from strains, aches and stress through acupressure and lymph draining techniques.


Oriental Foot Massage

Our most popular treatment. Relieves headache and migraine, enhances the immune system, improves blood circulation, normalizes organ and gland function – and feels wonderful!


Head and Shoulder Massage

Even if it’s just for 60 minutes, step out of your busy schedule to refresh your body and renew your tired soul. This head and shoulder massage is tailored to ease away your stress and tension.


Happy Hands

Give your hands a much needed “digital detox” with this exclusive Dragonfly arm and hand massage. This treatment will boost blood circulation, reduce numbness and joint pain, relieve muscle tiredness and increase flexibility. Perfect for the modern knowledge worker.


Post-Workout Spot Massage

This spot massage is tailored to work on areas that require more attention after your workout. A great way to ease muscle stiffness and body ache.