Welcome to Dragonfly!

For more than 12 years we have been offering both men and women a real "Touch of the Orient" through our range of uniquely relaxing massage and beauty services.

Massage Services

Begin with our ever popular massage services that combine the ancient healing arts of Oriental massage with the delicate hands of our caring therapists - guaranteed to deliver total relaxation and to be a true escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

TCM Services

Prefer a deeper therapeutic touch? Try our line of invigorating TCM massages. Traditional Chinese Medicine is well-regarded in both the East and the West as a non-invasive and gradual approach to greater wellness and vitality. 

Nail Spa Services

Visit our stylishly appointed Nail Spas to may choose from a broad range of manicures, pedicures, hand and foot treatments to make you look and feel your best. In Dragonfly we pay the utmost attention to hygiene and safety and feature only top quality imported nail care brands such as OPI, Creative and Spa Ritual.


Most of our retreats also offer a selection of classic facials delivered by the gentle touch of our experienced beauty technicians, and featuring top of the line imported Euroepan facial lines from Germany and Switzerland.

Waxing Services

Customers choose Dragonfly for their waxing needs because we offer discrete, tastefully appointed rooms, impeccable hygiene, and top quality imported Australian products to minimize your discomfort and maximize your results. A limited range of services is also available for men.

Eyelash Extensions

Grab their attention with our stunning range of eyelash extensions to beautify your eyes. We offer only top-end Japanese and Korean options.