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Valmont Brand

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Valmont is a brand from Switzerland that began as the Valmont Clinic in 1905 above Montreux and Lake Geneva, the first to offer dietary follow-up and hydrotherapy sessions. Famous politicians and personalities from all over the world such as Nicolas De Gaulle, the Queen of Iran and film star Sophia Loren, came to the clinic to rest and enjoy tailored treatments and personal care.

In the 1980’s Valmont innovated by becoming the first Swiss clinic entirely dedicated to health and wellness. While continuing to cater to prestigious guests, the clinic was well known for skin regenerating treatments. Building on their clinical expertise, distinguished cosmetologists selected the most active molecules for skin regeneration – such as HP DNA and native collagen, marking the birth of Valmont cellular cosmetics. The cosmetics products were developed to help skin regeneration after surgery and to prolong the visible results. This concept met with immediate success.

Today, although the clinic and cosmetics lines are separate entities, Valmont skincare brand perpetuates the Swiss medical tradition. Unlike most cosmetics companies, Valmont is a family owned business, driven by Didier Guillon and Sophie Vann-Guillon. Both share the same vision of cosmetics and beauty, and the same desire to innovate and achieve excellence in skin care product quality.

Valmont products feature the richness of Switzerland’s natural resources:

  • Glacial Spring Water - Pure, soft and perfectly balanced. Its ideal composition in minerals encourages tissue exchanges, revitalizes the cellular metabolism and stimulates the skin’s natural defense system.
  • Phyto Alpine Garden - Valmont’s unique Phyto-Alpine garden is located at the heart of Swiss Alps in the village of Vens. Under pure and controlled environment, Valmont cultivates 8 plants (Rosa Moschata, Sea Buckthorn, Echinacea, Mallow, Marigold, Nettles, White Lupine and Dill) selected for their effects on the skin.

Let us introduce you to the luxurious magic of Valmont’s anti-aging facials.

Valmont premium skincare treatments and products are available in selected Dragonfly retreats in Beijing (Kerry Centre, Yansha) and Shanghai (Shanghai IFC).