Corporate Services

Corporate Services

With multiple locations to serve you throughout China, we are uniquely capable of meeting the needs of corporate clients. Dragonfly can offer you, your customers, your staff or other stakeholders a range of satisfying services – both within our retreats and on-site at a location of your choice – that include a relaxing mix of massage, nail spa and facial services.

On-Site Services

Dragonfly provides express Massage and Nail Spa Services directly to your office or at your special event, so your staff or guests can enjoy a quick break to unwind and refresh.


  • During your conference, perfect to make your event a more refreshing and memorable experience
  • At your office, ideal to reward hardworking and stressed employees, to enhance their productivity or give them a break at the end of the week  

Rental of our Retreats

You may rent one of our relaxing Dragonfly Retreats for your exclusive use and amaze your guests in an oasis of peace and tranquility in the midst of the big city. A full range of Massage, Manicure and Pedicure services are available.


  • Ideal to treat your guests in a delightful environment
  • Ideal for special birthdays, team building or to celebrate your company’s success

Thank you for choosing Dragonfly!

For more information about Dragonfly Corporate services please contact:

Lynn Lin

Marketing & Events Coordinator
Tel:    +86 21 6266 2108 x20