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Biodroga Bioscience Institut

Our Basic skincare line

Baden-Baden in Germany is known as “the source of beauty” as its thermal baths were highly prized by the Romans and the town epitomizes the culture of beauty and skin care. The Biodroga brand has successfully carried this tradition onward since the end of the 1950’s and continues today as a family owned business.

With custom skin care systems for all types of skin and all ages, skin care products from cleansing to cosmetics and professional-grade face and body treatments of the highest quality, the holistic skin care and spa products offered by Biodroga will help you to achieve total well-being.

Biodroga products feature

  • Highly effective skin care systems, each with coordinated treatment concepts.
  • Comprehensive product range - Maximum compatibility
  • Preservatives employed only in the minimum quantity possible – as are scents and emulsifiers.

Biodroga skincare treatments and products are available in most Dragonfly retreats.