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“The Moon Represents My Heart”

8 September 2010
Mid-autumn Festival Care for Shanghai Elderly

Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat and partners I Care Liwu and Bean Shanghai launch the first “Moon Represents My Heart” campaign to collect mooncakes in Shanghai for distribution to elderly residents of the city on 21 September by the Shanghai Charity Foundation, as a Mid-Autumn Festival gift to show care for our seniors.

Each year Mid-Autumn Festival can become an especially lonely time, for elderly residents of Shanghai without relatives to visit or bring them a traditional gift of mooncakes. Recognizing this and realizing that our customers may have mooncakes they would be happy to donate to a good cause, Dragonfly and partners have launched their first campaign to collect a minimum of 250 boxes of mooncakes to deliver to two seniors’ homes:

  • Shanghai Putuo Social Welfare Institution
  • Shanghai Dongfeng Zhijiang Seniors Home

We believe that our customers and friends will open their hearts this year to express their feelings - and a successful pilot project will lead to a much larger campaign next year. Any donations received above the target will also be distributed to needy elderly residents with the help of SCF.

Customers may drop off mooncakes in 5 designated Dragonfly retreats in Shanghai (Donghu, Xinle, Hongmei, Kerry Centre, Hongfeng retreats) or may contact Bean to arrange a volunteer pickup from Shanghai offices. Collection will take place from Wednesday 8 September to Sunday 19 September and distribution to the seniors will take place on Tuesday 21 September.

As an incentive bonus, all donors contributing a box of mooncakes will receive gift coupons worth RMB 100 each from Dragonfly and I Care Liwu - and a big hug from Sheila Seiler, President of Bean Shanghai.

For more details please contact the organizers at contacts below.

Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreats offer busy urban residents and weary travelers a convenient escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city -- an oasis of calm where one can relax & rejuvenate alone, with a loved one or among friends. Our motto is to “Relax the World!” and we do it one massage at a time within stylish retreats throughout the PRC in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Qingdao and on the Yangzi River, as well as overseas in Dubai, UAE.

Randal Eastman, Vice President
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I Care Liwu is Shanghai's Leading Experience Gift Retailer that brings fun back to gift- giving in Shanghai. From giving someone an experience they've always wanted to do, to personalized and beautifully packaged gift boxes, our customers are sure to find the perfect present for any personality and occasion. Skip the mooncakes this year and create memories that will last forever with experiences like sailing with a loved one, hand- crafting pottery, or learning how to create spicy Thai delicacies! Your adventure begins with

Maya Meng
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the winner of the 2009 and 2010 Best Charity awards, is a community outreach organization that provides volunteers with opportunities every weekend to give back to others. BEAN sponsors orphanages and migrant schools, facilitates outreach activities at disabled homes, elderly care centers, animal shelters, and with the environment, and serves as a platform through which people can connect with others through donating their time and talents. If you'd like to learn more, you can visit their website at

Sheila Seiler
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Shanghai Charity Foundation 
was founded as a nonprofit corporation in 1994; SCF is the largest Charity Foundation in Shanghai, whose targets include children, senior citizens and needy people from impecunious families. With support from the government, local or overseas individual and corporations, its current accumulative fund has exceeded RMB 4 billion. For the past 11 years, SCF has launched many significant projects, which keep to the mission of “Help the Old, Support the Yong, Sponsor Education and Relieve the Needy” and has directly benefited 3,000,000 needy citizens through its 18 branches in Shanghai.

Laurence Hsu
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