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Dragonfly Launches Hot Stone Massage for Winter

18 November 2010
This winter, fly away hot from Dragonfly

Beginning this December, Dragonfly adds a new massage treatment to our ever popular range of services - Hot Stone Massage. In China, hot stone therapy has long been used as a method for relieving muscle aches and tension.

In hot stone therapy polished basalt stones (hardened lava rocks) are heated by water and then placed strategically along your body’s meridians. The heat relaxes the muscles before and during a massage treatment, enhancing the effects of a deep tissue massage or an oil massage and promoting deeper relaxation and a sense of well-being.

A Dragonfly Hot Stone massage treatment is 90 minutes of warm bliss, that: Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation
Alleviates stress and tension
Releases endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers)

Relieves pain - including aches and pains in the joints Improves circulation
Calms the psyche


Nothing beats a Hot Stone massage treatment to ward off the winter chill, re-invigorate a tired body, increase your vitality – and improve your mood. Give a special treat to your friends, loved ones and yourself this winter with the latest addition to the Dragonfly menu - a Hot Stone massage!

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