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Press Releases

A Brand Growing Strong

The Dragonfly team has always been proud of each of our milestones as a company - and as a brand.  Read below to learn more about the steps we have achieved along the 11 years of our growth as we Relax the World.

Autumn Moon brings Third Dragonfly to Beijing

Traveling to and from the suburbs to the centre of China’s capital city can often be stressful - so never pleasant if your goal is to visit a relaxing retreat for a massage or beauty treatment. Now the residents of Shunyi district near the Beijing airport can enjoy all the comforts and benefits of Dragonfly massage close to home.

A Dragonfly has landed in the Forbidden City

Following 3 years of customer-driven steady growth in Shanghai, Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat has now answered the call of its customers in the Chinese capital to open its first retreat in Beijing -- just minutes from the historic Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

A Touch of the Orient in the French Concession

True relaxation begins with a state of mind. This is why Dragonfly @ Fuxing Park was created as a contemporary urban retreat, to be an oasis of peace and tranquility in the midst of the big city.

Dragonfly settles amid the Gingko Trees

After three years of rapid growth, Dragonfly’s graceful wings have now landed in a peaceful strand of Gingko Biloba trees - on quiet Dagu Road in Puxi, Shanghai.

Dragonfly @ Jingan is conveniently tucked away on a quiet street adjacent from a lush and tranquil park – a real oasis of calm right in the heart of Asia’s busiest city.

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